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Thread: Am I nursing enough?

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    Default Am I nursing enough?

    I nurse 2 to 3 times per day on weekdays and 3 to 4 times on the weekend. My 14 month daughter drinks about 6oz of cow's milk a day at daycare. She likes cow's milk and I am happy to give it to her...If this isn't enough, I could give her more cow's milk.

    I am burnt out on nursing a little. I am not naturally someone who enjoys nursing. I do but not more than cuddling. And sometimes I get resentful of the demands on me. That is why I limit nursing. I am continuing to nurse because I rationally believe it is best for our health. Anyone, I don't know how much more I can nurse without getting resentful again so it might not workout if I try to increase her breastmilk input.

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    Galactagoddess, congrats for breastfeeding your daughter this long! You're doing great.

    I'm sorry to hear you're feeling burnt out on nursing right now. I know it can feel like your body is all "touched out" sometimes. One thing that might make you feel better is that it's totally normal to sometimes feel resentful of the demands placed on you as a mother. Also try to keep in mind that some mothers who do breastfeed and some who do not breastfeed can feel this, because any style of mothering comes with plenty of demands.

    As far as whether your daughter is nursing enough, you probably already know that the answer is not as clearcut as if she were an infant whose sole source of nutrition and fluids was your milk. First, that amount of nursing is not too unusual. It may seem like a little less frequently than some toddlers, but possibly not by a whole lot. It's also important to take into consideration how she nurses. For example, some children are super efficient (super suckers!). They may nurse for a few minutes and get the same amount of milk that another child takes in much more time. Since you mentioned she is in day care, I wonder if she nurses pretty actively when you first reunite at the end of each day. She may take in more than you realize.

    I'll assume your daughter is eating a variety of solid foods (correct me if that's not the case). Does she seem just as healthy, active and alert as ever? Does she seem well hydrated (regular moisture in her mouth and eyes/tears, lips not too dry or chapped, urine is not too dark, pees at a normal frequency)?

    Thinking about her overall health like that might help you decide. If you're concerned about specific nutrients, such as getting all the calcium she should have, know that she can obtain these from a variety of sources of solid foods and not only from your milk or cow's milk.

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Am I nursing enough?

    My girl is generally healthy and eats a variety of foods. She is definitely well-hydrated. I think I was unnecessarily worried because my family doctor puts too much emphasis on "ounces" of milk. (With both my kids I was much more worried about anemia than calcium intake yet the doctors never ask me about that. It seems backwards to me.) I think I am most worried about calcium and vitamin D (we don't get enough sun). I have decided to give her vitamin D drops. And I was thinking of making her some recipes with molasses for calcium. I am stressed out by life and I think our family's diet is not what I would like it to be. I don't menu plan and we often eat convenience foods.

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