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Thread: Milk or Formula?

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    I agree with PP's on formula/cows milk while under a year. Something to consider though is that older infants often don't want to drink formula, as it doesn't taste the best. When compared to BM, that is. I tried giving my DS1 formula at 9 months when I was really sick and he wanted nothing to do with it.

    I think your plan sounds good. Just keep nursing and offer a balanced diet of solids. Cows milk isn't needed, so offer cheeses and yogurts instead if you need to when that time comes.

    If you start depleting your stash quickly consider mixing formula and BM, it may taste more appealing that way.
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    I would not give cows milk before a year. I understand your dislike of formula, but it is better for your baby than cows milk before the one year mark.

    Cow's milk is inappropriate for babies, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that cow's milk not be used as a replacement for breast milk or formula for the first year of life. Infants fed whole cow's milk have low intakes of iron, linoleic acid and vitamin E and excessive intakes of sodium, potassium and protein. The protein molecule in cow's milk is large and can permeate the intestine of the infant undigested, causing intestinal bleeding. This intestinal bleeding may not be visible to the naked eye but would be detected on exam. This intestinal bleeding contributes to the poor iron status of the infant. The protein level in cow's milk is too high, causing stress on the kidneys as they try to dilute the nitrogenous waste products from the protein. This can lead to dehydration as the baby's body draws on water stores.

    Although cow's milk protein is used in infant formula, it has been modified to make it more digestible. The amount of protein used is in smaller concentrations than in cow's milk, and more closely matches the level in breast milk.

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    Thanks mama's! I am going to do everything I can to get her through without formula, but I do understand the risks associated with cow's milk. I think we will be ok and that my supply will maintain at this point and we will go through our stash slowly.

    I got her to eat some oatmeal from a spoon! this morning made with BM
    She is also getting a lot better with the sippy so I don't think we will waste as much!
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