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Thread: how much milk should I be producing?

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    Default how much milk should I be producing?

    I have a very low supply only producing about 40 ml total during a pump session. I pump after every feeding session (about every 3-4 hours) and once through the night, although there have been several occasions over the past two weeks where I've had to go 6-8 hours without pumping so I can get some rest!

    My LC put me on Mothers Milk, Goats Rue and I'm in the process of getting Domperidone. I have a history of depression so my LC says Reglin isn't the best for me.

    My preemie son is now six weeks old, 5 days old corrected age. I didn't try nursing too much in the beginning because we were a little stressed adjusting to coming home from the NICU, I was weaning him from a feeding tube to a bottle and he was having trouble gaining weight.

    Now he's reached past his due date and he seems very willing and able to nurse. He has a great suck and latches on pretty well although I have to use a nipple shield. I nurse at almost every feeding. I'm also using a SNS because I don't think I produce enough and am worried about his losing weight. I put his recommended 55-60 ml milk/formula supply in the SNS and he finishes it while nursing from the breast.

    My biggest question is how much should I be pumping now????

    How/when do I wean from the SNS? Any suggestions on how to manuever the nipple shield, latching on and the SNS tube? It's a little challenging to get the SNS tube in his mouth while at the same time trying not to lose the nipple shield.

    Thanks for all you help!!

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    Default Re: how much milk should I be producing?

    are you getting 40 mls after nursing? If so you are doing really well - lots of mom's get only a few drops after a nursing session. It could be that your LO is still not an efficient nurser (not unusual for a premie) and this will get better.

    to you because what your are doing is not easy and is stressful and for doing the best for your baby.
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    Default Re: how much milk should I be producing?

    Hi mama! First of all, don't stress. Impossible I know!

    How are his diapers? If he is having enough wet and dirty diapers you are doing just fine.

    Have you tried feeding yet without the shield? If so, how was that? We used the SNS for a pretty short amount of time. I never used a shield, but he transitioned pretty well from the tube. I would say just trust your instincts and now that he has a good latch going let him lead the way.

    I was so stressed about supply that I always pumped, even after he started feeding. I think that if I had to do it over again, I would probably just stick to BF exclusively after he got it down. It is hard though...I know how it feels!

    Sounds like you are doing an awesome job mama. Keep it up!
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    Default Re: how much milk should I be producing?

    It sounds like you're doing great. I would not worry too much about how much you're able to pump (as noliesmama said, easier said than done). Just focus on those milestones with the direct nursing, and keep an eye on output to make sure your little one is getting enough.

    I know from experience, it's hard to transition from careful monitoring of every oz or ml to letting nature take its course!! But you can't tell how much a baby is getting from nursing (unless you have a very sensitive scale and weigh before and after, which you can do if you want some peace of mind). Just remember to make supplementing changes gradually and watch the output.

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