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Thread: Breastfeeding Concerns

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    Question Breastfeeding Concerns

    Can anybody help with this ?? I have a 3 mo old. I was having problems with her gas, it isn't a dairy issue as I cut that out when I realized that it caused her spit up to be more of a problem.

    One question is... I know that when they are younger they suggest to feed on each breast for 15 minutes each and usually go anywhere from 1-3 hours between feedings. But at this age what is a general guideline. It seems like she will eat every 2 hrs from begining of one to the next one and will stay on for 30 minutes per breast. I know that every baby is different but don't know if am on the right track as there isn't much for resourses to check into outside of this group.

    My other question is.... how can i figure out if there is something I ate that is really causing her gas problems?? My girl seems to be a "gassy" girl and have not figured out if there is something I am doing to add to it. I don't give her formula. I have cut everything out for 2 wks except for soy (vegetarian) and put things back in but not dairy. This whole experience is new to me as with many of you and I just want to give my girl the best food to help her be strong and healthy.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding Concerns

    I'm not sure what else to try to determine the culprit. A lot of babies are gassy, and there isn't always an explanation.
    I always "bicycled" my DD's legs to help release some of the gas-sometimes my grandmother's advice was good! That is, I laid her on her back, pushed her knees up toward her stomach and pulled them back down, gently and slowly.
    Also, I've never tried them, but some moms have reported success with gas relief drops.
    So, both of these things are normal. However, make sure you have a good latch. If not, this could be part of your issues because (1) your baby is not suckling as effectively and therefore takes longer to eat, and (2) your baby is swallowing air while feeding. I'm not saying that's definitely what's happening, but it's possible. If there is an LC or LLL leader in your area to help you, or even just a more experienced BFing mom, that would be ideal, but otherwise there are lots of online resources with information about latch, even videos.
    Good job on giving your baby the best!


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    Default Re: Breastfeeding Concerns

    my 3 month old dd is very gassy, too! i try to cut down on dairy products, and i found that orange juice was also a culprit, so i stopped drinking OJ, too.
    when my dd has really bad gas, i lay her belly down across my thighs and gently rub her back. she ends up either tooting some more or letting out a big burp. also, like molly, i've "bicycled" my dd's legs and that helps, too. is your dd in pain or looks uncomfortable when she toots? my dd used to be, but i gave her colic ease gripe water. with the gripe water, she no longer cried out when she passed gas...so it eased the discomfort of gas...it didn't stop the gas. i know folks recommend not giving babies any herbal remedies, but it worked for me, and she's fine (e.g., no constipation, no blood in her BM, no vomitting, no increased spit-up, etc.). it worked well for us because we hated to see her in so much pain when she had to pass gas. i used to give her 1tsp a couple times a day. now i give it to her once every several days when i notice the gas pains are back.

    in regards to nursing, i also offer the other side once she's done with the first. she'll unlatch herself from the first or stop suckling...that's when i offer the other side. she'll sometimes nurse for a few minutes, and sometimes she'll refuse the other breast entirely. as long as your dd is having plenty of wet diapers, i wouldn't be too concerned.

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    Red face Re: Breastfeeding Concerns

    Thanks for all of the wonderful information.

    Should there be any foods I should especially look out for that could be a possible problem for her? I know dairy is a big one.

    Also any idea of how long it takes if I eat something for it to cause her problems?? Then I can trace it back to the possible cultprit and try taking that out and seeing if it changes anything.

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