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Thread: HELP!! Need honest advice with unique situation!!(autoimmune disease ment., long)

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    Unhappy HELP!! Need honest advice with unique situation!!(autoimmune disease ment., long)

    Hello to everyone! I am looking for advice and am hoping i can get some answers. My son will be 6 weeks tomorrow. I started off breastfeeding him, but while we were still in the hospital the baby nurses were convincing me that I had to 'top him off' with formula. By them time he was a week and a half old I was told by my ob/gyn to stop nursing due to medication i was going to start. So, of course, i freaked out and stopped nursing. Then, at the advice of a friend, i decided to call his pediatrician to get her thoughts on the meds. They told me to call the children's hospital in the area with whom they are affiliated. The milk bank at the children's hospital told me that i probably could nurse my son even with the meds especially since i was taking the lowest dose possible. Bad thing is that by this point my milk has pretty much dried up. I know that relactation is possible...but here is where it gets difficult for me to decide if it will work for me. I definitly have autoimmune disease and am currently being tested for multiple sclerosis. i know dh will be supportive of whatever I decide to do, but is worried that nursing our son will be more stressful to my body than the stress and guilt i feel everytime i have to make him a bottle of formula! And at this point he wont even latch on to my nipple anymore...just kind of plays with it and fusses until he gets a bottle! I know people are concerned for my well being, but I really do feel horrible for only giving him a bottle. Its not that i'm opposed to bottle feeding. My daughter was on formula by the time i left the hospital, after a lack of support and help with nursing her, and All of my friends actually never even attempted to nurse their babies, so its not like i get looks for giving a bottle. But, I have always felt like it is something I should do. I felt guilty that I didn't try harder with my daughter, and everytime i hold my son I feel like I should nurse him, its just an urge I have that this is the way it should be...except that its not! I've tried to get in contact with a couple of lacation consultants, and they either wont return my messages, or don't really seem to feel that this is urgent or that its something that needs to be dealt with as quickly as possible. So, please, if anyone has ever dealt with this, or at least has some advice for me, good or bad, then i look forward to hearing it!

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    I have not dealt with this, but I recommend you get in contact with Dr. Jack Newman and/or Edith Kernerman at the Newman Breastfeeding Clinic. Here's their contact page. Dr. Jack Newman is a leading expert in the field of human lactation.

    This article may be a good place to start when thinking about relactation.
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    Your baby is still youg so I think there is hope. Dr. Newman is great. He will certainly guide you what to do. Please let us know how it goes. you can also go to asklenore.com. She works closely with Dr. Newman and lactated for her adopted babies. It is hard work but worth it!
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