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Thread: 2 year old possessive of breasts

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    Default 2 year old possessive of breasts

    My DD (28 months) is getting very possessive of my breasts recently. She has begun to call them her babies, and if I have my arms in front of my chest in any way that she perceives as possibly blocking her access (even when not nursing), she tells me "No! Don't touch them! Don't hurt my babies!" I have no idea where she came up with this, 2 year olds come up with weird new things every day it seems like, but I always respond by telling her it is my body, they are my arms and I can have them where I want on my body, just like she has a body and arms too, and I remind her that she can have mommy milk at naptime/bedtime. It doesn't seem to be working well though, any other ideas?

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    Default Re: 2 year old possessive of breasts

    I think it's something she'll grow out of.
    Sometimes when my daughter would get possessive like that, I would point to her chest and say 'ooooh then I get to have YOUR babies!' in a silly kind of way and then tickle her.
    Then she would giggle and run away and say 'nooooo'
    I wouldn't take it too seriously!
    But that's me. :-)

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    Default Re: 2 year old possessive of breasts

    Its a stage.
    Sometimes they are so smart!

    Shes testing you to see what you will say and do.

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