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Thread: When to intro bottle

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    Question When to intro bottle

    My newborn is 4 wks old today and I was wondering when to introduce the bottle? I have to return to work by 8 wks and don't know when to intorduce the bottle. I am scared to death that baby will get confused, this is my second child. With my first I never could get him to latch and there is not any breastfeeding support in the rural area I lived so I ended up pumping for a whole year, and am scared that once the bottle is intro he will reject the breast. When will be the best time to intro the bottle and how can I avoid nipple confusion?

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    My hospital LC said 3 weeks OR when breastfeeding was well-established. How is nursing going for you two? Weight gain good?

    I would probably introduce it around 5 weeks, if everything is going well.

    Be sure to use slow-flow nipples. There are some bottles on the market designed NOT to cause nipple confusion; however some of these contain BPA so you may want to weigh the two and decide what's important to you. We started off using Breastflow bottles (contain BPA) but after a few weeks DD decided she wouldn't take one anymore. We switched to Playtex Drop-ins with the silicone Natural Latch nipple and had good success. Plus, the liners are BPA-free.

    Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: When to intro bottle

    I would try to wait at least 5 weeks as pp suggested. Great advice on what bottles to use also.

    You may want to try having someone else give the bottle at first. A lot of times babies won't take the bottle from their mother because they know the real goods are right there!

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    Mine isn't a popular idea amongst lactivists, but I needed emergency surgery 3 days after delivery to stitch a torn cervix. While I was under anesthesia, Evan became hungry and they asked my husband if they could give him some formula from a bottle. We went on to bf for 14 months and Evan always did well going from bottle to breast. I returned to work after 10 weeks so he had a bottle then too. He proved to be one flexible baby.
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