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Thread: 6 month old latching issues

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    Default 6 month old latching issues

    how can you correct latching issues after almost 6 months of breastfeeding? I think a main problem i'm having is latching issues causing blocked ducts, blisters, sore nipples, unhappy baby etc. The problem is, he won't open wide at night--he is waking every 1 1/2- 2 hours now and only slightly opens his lips for the nipple. I'm so tired that I am resorting back to side lying because i don't have the strength to get up and feed him now. I think its harder to get a good latch with this position?

    Is it too late to correct this problem? Should I be referred to a lactiation consultant (not sure if they will see someone this far along?).

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    Default Re: 6 month old latching issues

    Has it been a problem the whole time or just recently? My lo sometimes gets lazy with her latch at night. She is older now (16months) but when she is lazy I remove her from my breast and have her re-latch. I'm not sure if this will work but have you tried squishing your nipple and placing it in his mouth so he gets it in there? I wouldn't let lo nurse if it's uncomfortable, just keep re-latching him until it is NOT uncomfortable to you. My rule of thumb is uncomfortable = wounds. I'm not by any means suggesting not to nurse, just to gently re-latch until it's comfortable for you.
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