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Thread: regretting BF

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    I agree that he would probably still be high needs even if you switched to formula and bottles. You would just have the extra hassle of washing bottles and buying formula.

    My DD is high needs too. I have a 22 month old son and I deal with the same guilt of not spending enough one on one time with him. It's really really hard. It's the hardest thing. No one who isn't going through it will ever understand how hard it is to feel like you have to choose between which child to spend time with. Trust me I get it. I'm still trying to get DD to take a bottle too, the problem is I don't ever have time to pump

    What type of bottles have you tried? DD won't take the ones DS liked so we've been playing a mean game of find that nipple that she'll take.

    Ok I'm not a big advocate of CIO or intentionally torturing our children, but my Peditrician told me that babies will hold out and fuss for hours on end on taking a bottle when they want mama. However, eventually they do take the bottle. Maybe you can get someone who knows it will be hard and just go have a date with your older son. Be gone for a few hours, maybe 1/2 a day and reconnect with your son while your DH or mom or MIL stays with the baby and tries to get him to take a bottle. It will be a rough day at home but might be helpful in the long run.

    Try to hang tough a little while longer mama. Because honestly, how would you feel if you stopped BFing and nothing changed? You'd still have a high needs baby who only wants you, you'd just be giving him inferior food.

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    Thanks ladies....I did right that in total frustration and lack of sleep. I appreciate your support and have realized that yes it is overwhelming but its best for my LO.....thanks again....

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    Hope you're feeling more positive today!

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    I found that my DS behaves differently with his grandparents and takes the bottle much easier than when I try to give it to him. Try doing a dry run with the person who will be watching your LO (pref not at your home), stay in another room while your LO gets the bottle. It'll take a few tries, but don't give up!

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    You don't have to use a bottle. If you look in the resources, there are references to using a cup or syringe or even an eyedropper to feed expressed milk to a baby who refuses a bottle.

    Sometimes, too, it takes experimentation with different bottles to find one that works.

    You aren't alone in the guilty feeling. I have a newborn, a two year old, and a four year old. My four year old is super high needs (he was a horribly needy baby), and the two year is hitting the terrible twos in earnest. I feel like all I do is nurse the baby, who is a week old. (NAK right now, actually). But. .. they survive, and you do too.
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