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Thread: he wants to nurse while standing up

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    Default he wants to nurse while standing up

    anyone else deal with this? He tugs on my shirt while standing in front of me (while I'm sitting on a chair/couch/...) and wants to nurse. Today I let him and he nursed for much longer than normal. Normally he's a quick nurser, easily distracted - but while standing it seems that he is completely focused on nursing.

    I'm okay with this, but I can't really do it discretely Do you think it will become habit? I don't really want to nurse him like this all the time, but on the other hand I love that he had a great nursing session today (3 times).

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    Default Re: he wants to nurse while standing up

    Avery likes to nurse standing up too...

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    Default Re: he wants to nurse while standing up

    D used to like to nurse upright when he was tiny. He sometimes does it sitting on my knee now but is getting too long.

    The only time we get a good nursing session right now is lying down in a dark room just before he goes to sleep, when he has just woken up or he is still asleep. It is too cold for a nurser this distracted
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    Default Re: he wants to nurse while standing up

    I say if he seems to drink for longer than whatever works. I remember a few times nursing DD while she was sitting up for that reason.

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    Default Re: he wants to nurse while standing up

    we do this everyday after DC! Sometimes when I'm watching him play when we get home, I lay on the couch and he stands in front of me and nurses.
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    Default Re: he wants to nurse while standing up

    DS loves to do this too! I think it's his way of being "big" while nursing. He still cuddle-nurses, too.
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    Default Re: he wants to nurse while standing up

    Whats up with only the boys nursing like this.

    My Daughter likes to like bend at the waiste and nurse, I'll be trying to craddle hold her and she'll stand up(we usualy nurse with me siting on the floor up agasint the couch)but be bent over wiht her head still in the craddle hold OH and today she was doing this while sticking one of her legs up in the air, she's a weirdie too!

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