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Thread: Please help me about baby having green stools

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    Exclamation Please help me about baby having green stools

    Hi there, I've been feeding my baby J bottle formula since he was born. We gave him Enfamil for awhile, until now 4 mos later, I thought to save some money, we could switch him to Good start Supreme Dha ara. The formula would be free and it would help us a bit. My husband's a bit skeptic about good start because it's not as a popular formula. I went to good start website and read about their product and it seemed like it's just as good. So we finally tried it, we switched him right away instead of gradually, so i'm not sure if that upset him stomach. When we fed him enfamil he had like yellowish, brown-yellow color, now with good start it's like army green or dark green, like tan green and we're a bit worried about the stool color, that it may not be normal. My husband wants to switch back to enfamil and i'm thinking it may be good, but can you tell me about the dark greenish stool color. my baby J has been on the good start for a week now. Like is enfamil a lot better than good start? Is his poo color not normal? i heard consistent green may be diarrhea or may have virus...?? Please help asap ~May

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    Hi there,

    It's been a few days since you've posted this.. but I'd thought I'd still respond. Is the green poo still an issue? Have you talked with baby's doctor about this? Sometimes dark brown/green poo can be too much iron. Is baby constipated or has trouble going?

    Green poo can sometimes be a virus, but if your baby's isn't acting different like he would be sick, then I wouldn't be concerned about that.

    Best to check with your doctor to see what they say. Let us know and good luck!

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    I agree with the PP. Check with your ped. FYI, almost all of the moms on the LLL forum breastfeed their babies so we probably won't have the experience/information about the specific effects of formula on babies. In BF babies, greens stools often mean a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance or I have also heard that it can be caused by the milk hanging around in the intestines too long. Does your LO poop frequently or does he tend to "save it up" for a few days? And as the PP stated, green mucousy poop could mean a viral infection (whether or not your LO may be presenting any other symptoms or not).


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