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    i have a friend with an 8 week old fussy baby. the babe will on occasion do this head bobbing thing when she is trying to latch on....I remember my kids doing that and I'm thinking it was related to fussiness with dairy in my diet and it subsided, but I can't remember...I called it the popcicle because they would go on and off the nipple several times. I remember reading about the cause of this but don't remember....does anyone know?


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    My 6 mo DD does that after she's done eating- I think b/c she's still trying to get more out. She goes on and off about 5 times, real quick. Could it be that baby is fussy b/c they're impatient?
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    If she's doing it when she is TRYING to latch it may just be a rooting reflex, looking for the nipple. If it happens when she is actually sucking it may be an overactive letdown, the milk is coming out too fast for baby so she pulls off and gets fussy. If so there are several threads started for his issue. GL
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    My dd did that at that age. I thought I'd given birth to a headbanging baby! lol. she grew out of it once she realized that the nipple was not moving with her. lol
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    My LO does it and he's 11 wo. He did it when I used to have an overactive letdown. Now I think it's just the rooting reflex. I think it's kinda cute

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