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Thread: how much do you pump at work and how often?

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    Default how much do you pump at work and how often?

    I pump about 12 ounces at work, for an eight hour day. I keep reading how people are pumping 5 ounces out. I would not pump out five ounces unless I waited like three and a half hours. I am afraid to wait that long because tehn I wont be able to keep up my supply. I notice that after the weekends I am able to pump less out. Any ideas? How often should I pump?

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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    Well at 2 1/2 years I'm off the pump wagon, but 12oz does not sound that bad! That's probably about what I got from pumping 3-4 times.

    Some mom's have a larger capacity (that has nothing to do with supply) or an over supply that allows them to pump a bunch at one time.

    It's much better to pump less more frequently than it is to hold off like you said. You make more milk with an "empty" breast.

    Are you nursing also on the weekends? If your just pumping extra, and not pumping for missing nursing sessions there is your answer.

    Make sure your warm comfortable and relaxed while pumping. Sometimes I think this is way more important than anyone realizes. Massage and compression on your breasts while pumping helps. Making sure everything is in good working order and that you have the correct flange size is always good.

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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    I only have to pump once at work because I generally only work 5-6 hour shifts at the most. I get an average of 3-5 ounces when I pump, but usually go about 4 hours or so before I pump.

    12 ounces sounds pretty good to me. I wouldn't worry.

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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    12 oz is actually pretty incredible. I know it is "typical" after your supply regulates to only get 1-2 oz per session.

    I still have to pump 3x at work, and now I am only getting about 4-5 oz as opposed to the 8-9 I used to get.
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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    I don't get much either. I work 8am-5pm. I nurse before leaving. Pump 3oz at 10am. Go home and nurse at lunch. Pump another 3oz at 3pm. My daughter drinks a 4 oz bottle at 10 and one at 3. I get the extra ounces by pumping first thing in the a.m. I had to build up my a.m. supply by pumping every day when I was on maternity leave. I pump on one side and nurse on the other 1st thing in the am. I try not to go for longer than 3 hrs without expressing.
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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    Wow! 12oz is awesome! You're doing great! I can only wish for that much.
    I nurse my LO at 4:30-5am, then pump at 5:30 (not much left usually:-), then leave for work. I pump 3, sometimes 4 times (when I want to bring my supply up), at work, my supply flactuates, usually it's better in the morning, around 8am, I get "plenty", like 3-3.5oz, then i pump less arond 11 and then about the same at 2pm, try not to wait for more than 3 hours. So total for the day is about 9-10 oz, some days could be less.

    I also noticed a decrease in supply every Monday, I think its because I (and you do too, I'm sure) nurse exclusively on the weekends. Lately my LO is on strike during the weekend (I guess she might be confused that she gets to nurse instead of the bottle:-))), especially on Saturdays and only during the day, so I have some extra that I pump and store:-). Some days she eats so well that I can't keep up with her (by pumping), so its good to pump extra on weekends:-)
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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    Wow!!! I must say I'm insanely jealous that you all get to pump so often at work! I teach high school, and I get to pump ONCE, at lunch. (And lunch is 23 min long for me.) My prep hour is at 9am, so there's no point in pumping then when I pump at 11 for lunch.

    I too have a slightly smaller volume on Mondays, but normally I get 8-10 oz total during my one pump, depending on if DS nursed right before I leave in the morning or not.

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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    I would kill to be getting that much!! I pump every 3 hours, so 3 times a day at work. I usually leave with about 3-4 oz. I try not to go any further between, but unfortunately with meetings and project deadlines I don't always get a choice.
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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    How old is Lo? You may be able to go 3.5 hours and still maintain your supply provided LO is old enough. On Mondays I always got less, even though everyone else said you should get MORE I think that just proves that every body is different.

    After supply is established, it is very common to only get 1-2 oz per session so you are above the curve. Are you able to keep up with LO's demands? If so then you can relax alittle! I always thought I made about 1 oz per hour and that's what DS drinks as well (unscientific theory).

    At first I pumped at 9am, noon and 3pm.

    Then at about 5 months I went to pumping at 10am and 1pm and I still had the same output.

    At 9 mos my supply dipped a lot (normal but scary) and I added an extra session in when I could.

    12 months I cut down to 1x per day-usually at about 1pm

    This week is my first no pumping week-DS is 14 months.
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    Default Re: how much do you pump at work and how often?

    I am glad that other people get less on mondays too! Thank you everyone for your responses.

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