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Thread: introducing cows milk

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    Default introducing cows milk

    Well I thought Id try... She hated it. She spit it out and practically gaged and tried to throwup. I know d-r-a-m-a. Anyways, do I have to give her cows milk? Or is she okay with only my milk. She doesnt nurse that often anymore doesnt seem interested. Some days more than others. Yesterday I nursed her 4xs during the day. Today 2 so far and its already gonna be 5pm. If she does need it how do I trick this little drama queen into drinking it??

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    If you nurse 3-4 times a day (full 24 hour period) there is no need for other milk. Here is some info from kellymom.com

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    Well if you are interested in having her drink it, do it in moderation. I introduced it to my lo in small amounts. 2oz of CM and 4oz of formula/BM as he got use to that, I just increased the amount of CM and decreased the other...
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