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Thread: question breastfeeding 5 month old

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    Default question breastfeeding 5 month old

    Hello all,

    We are doing well here BUT...along with a growth spurt and teething, we are need ing more calories. I am single side feeding but think I should start double side feeding??? not sure and scared because I don't know how to do it (sounds silly right?)

    we were single side feeding since birth (oversupply and OALD). never had to use both sides but thinking need to now. my question is when she finishes, do I put her back to the first side (I did this before ) or switch to the other and then do I start at the other next feed. i have been doing this but my breasts don't feel as full anymore and i am worried about supply going down.

    she has starting waking ++ at night to feed (she is also very distracted)

    any advice would be appreciated.

    BTW, also started blessed thistle and fenugreek to help.

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    Default Re: question breastfeeding 5 month old

    I would just offer both sides at each feeding. Your LO will take as much as she needs. I wouldn't worry about your supply decreasing. It is totally normal once your supply regulates itself better to not feel so full anymore. And it is also totally normal for your LO to start nightwaking more frequently at this age. As you mentioned, they are distractible, and nurse much better at night because it is quiet and dark. During the day, try taking her to a quiet, dimly lit room and see if that helps her nurse better. I know I had to with mine. Otherwise, she would nurse just enough that she didn't feel ravenous anymore, then start checking out whatever else was going on. Here's a good article that I'll bet you can relate to. I'm not sure you want to start on the herbs to increase your supply, especially if you had oversupply before. As long as you nursed frequently in those early couple months, your breasts will be able to increase production when needed.

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    Default Re: question breastfeeding 5 month old

    with pp.
    In addition, for the next feed start on the side that your lo nursed on last. Your breast may not feel full, but by offering both at each feeding you will signal your body to increase production.
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    Default Re: question breastfeeding 5 month old

    thanks so much...i'll try double side feeding and keep you all posted. btw, to increase supply I have been pumping the side I fed last and will (from single side) still get an ounce after she is done...what does that say about my supply??

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