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    My LO is 3 1/2 months and I go back to work in 3 weeks. My supply seems to have been a struggle since the beginning. He still eats about every 2 hours and is not overweight (he isn't underweight either). Does that mean he has to eat that often to get enough? He eats ALL throuh the night too. When I pump I get MAYBE an ounce. I went out and bought a Medela since I thought maybe it was the pump's fault but I haven't noticed any difference. I started taking Reglan Thursday evening but haven't noticed anything different. I pumped earlier (1 side only) and got 1/2 ounce. However, that is not for a missed feeding, it was between feedings. I am on my period, maybe that is holding things up some. I am just so confused and stressed. I really want to continue BF him exclusively but I have NO freezer stash b/c I can't hardly get anything extra. My mother, who has never BF, thinks he is only getting enough b/c he eats constantly...that scares me. How long will it take the Reglan to work and how much difference did you notice with it? Or any new ideas? I am out of them at this point.

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    First of all... congrats on your new addition!!

    Im sorry you are worried. I dont know anything about having to increase your milk, except to drink tons of water. I do know tho, you should be feeding a 3 month old every 1-3 hours. I thought I was suposta feed every 4 hrs by that age... but that was really stretching it for us. So, it sounds like your feeding times are just where they should be. Also, feeding times shouldn't change thru the night just cause they are "suposta" be sleeping. Their lil bellies dont know we need our sleep

    Pumping... your baby is so much more efficient at emptying your breast than a pump. YOu cant judge what your baby is actually getting by the pump. If you are looking to get some milk to store, try pumping in the morning when your milk is usually more plentiful. And try tp pump after each of your feedings.

    Im sure someone will come along here shortly and help with more info!
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    Definitely make sure you have a good pump - I had a Medela Pump In Style Advanced, but there are others.

    You can usually get the most in the morning, so try to arrange an extra pumping session then if you can.

    When have you been pumping? If you're pumping right after the baby feeds, you're going to have trouble getting much. Remember that when you're pumping at work, your little one won't be feeding at the same time, so you should be able to get more (and a half ounce after a feeding is GOOD). Plus, sometimes it just takes a while to adapt to the pump. One other thing to check - are your flanges big enough? Often the ones that come with the pump are too small, and this might be making it more difficult.

    As your baby gets older, it will get easier. Also, some babies "reverse cycle" and eat very little during the day while mom is away and then feed a lot when mom gets home. This is OK as long as he's still gaining and has good diaper output.

    Like the previous poster said, the current eating pattern is normal and doesn't indicate you won't be able to keep up. Don't forget, it will be a BIG adjustment for both of you when you go back to work. Give it a little time, and don't panic!

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    I want to point out what a great thing you're doing for your baby by feeding him when he is hungry. I know that might sound silly. What mother wouldn't feed her baby when he's hungry, right?

    Recently I've been thinking about the importance of recognizing hunger, for everyone, not just for babies. If we know how to recognize hunger, eat until we're satisfied, and stop when we've had enough, well, then, that's the best way to maintain a healthy weight.

    So, when a breastfeeding mother follows her baby's cues and offers the breast frequently, the baby learns to eat when hungry and stop when full. For some babies that will mean eating little meals all around the clock. For other babies, it will mean eating bigger meals less often.

    Pat yourselves on the backs, all you nursing mothers, for starting your child on a path toward a lifetime of healthy eating.
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