I emailed the clinic yesterday and received the following reply this morning from it's co-founder, Edith Kernerman:

"We still have not received funding and we are working desperately to rearrange things to try to stay open. We should be able to in at least a small way but it always leaves us fragile. We are still going after some organisations to see if we can expand the way we need to so we can have a cushion and be okay from now on.

So they aren't closing yet, but it sounds like things are pretty difficult. They are very appreciative of any support they get. Many of us have benefitted directly from this group without realizing it. Many of the articles commonly quoted as coming from Kellymom and other sources were actually written by Dr. Newman. Our lactation consultants use this group as a primary resource, especially with tough cases. Although in another country (for most of us), many of us have used their website or emailed directly to Dr. Newman or Ms. Kernerman and gotten help without paying a penny, despite their own dire need for cash. Think about making a donation, however small so they can continue to help us and other moms trying to nurse.