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Thread: Help pls. lopsided breast n overproduction

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    Hi. My Lo is 5 weeks now and i 've always had problem with low milk supply. Then suddenly since 4 days ago my left breast started over producing so much so it gets painfully engorged within 2 hours of feed. and my right breast hardly seems to fill up. when i pump i can easily get 5 oz on the left n hardly 2 oz on the right. what do i do? if i keep putting him on the left won't it get overstimulated? but at this rate i can hardly put him on the right coz the left is so full all the time
    I am currently also pumping out to relieve engorgemnet on the left. i'm afraid i'm overstimulating my left breast too much but don't know what else to do.
    pls help..

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    Hi mama!

    Here is some info that may help. And remember, pumping is no indicator of what your supply really is. You could have a boob full of milk but not be able to pump any of it out...
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