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Thread: We're Weaning

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    She will be okay. Ds1 was 25 months when ds2 was born. Ds1 weaned during the pregnancy. I was fully prepared and expecting him to want to nurse again after the baby came. He did not show any signs of wanting to nurse until his brother was about 15 months old. I think that is when it got confusing to him. He had understood that babies need momma's milk, but not that someone who could eat solid food and walk and talk would need it too.

    Sorry for the ramble, K is a smart girl she will understand and be okay ( and so will you).
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    You've given her a wonderful gift that will last her a lifetime. I'm proud of both of you guys! Knowing that your doing the right thing and that this will work for both of you is proof that your mothering though nursing has created a special bond between you guys.
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    Tiffony. It sounds like she's doing really well with it. Maybe looking back it will seem like more of a cooperative agreement than it feels like it is right now- I think that's how it happened with Nora. You've done such a great job and I know that with 2 little ones, you'll be 2X the great mommy you are right now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*shannon75 View Post
    Wishing you well on your next journey!!! You've done a wonderful job and truly given her the best start possible.
    I am sure that you have spent much longer nursing through the pain than many could . You are an inspiration and it sounds like this is the best time for your family as a whole. K is such a wonderfuly little lady because of you and all you have done for her!

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    Thanks everyone.

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    Our little ones are growing up
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    Sounds very gentle and loving (of course!) whether CLW/MLW or something in between.
    I'm glad you're flexible about it, though. You might be asking K to nurse if you get engorged when L is born.
    Great job, mama.


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