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Thread: Now what to do ?

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    I went to my home country when DD was 6 months old.My MIL was very unsupportive about BFing although my husband is very supportive.I travelled alone with my DD.She never allowed me to BFed and she pushed so much solids and said I was starving my baby.We stayed there for 1 month and I was able to nurse my DD only during night.I did'nt have any privacy to pump also.Nobody uses pump in my country.Now I feel all my supply is gone.I'm still making some milk.
    Since I have returned back to work I have started full day formula for DD since i'm not getting much from pumping.Do i have to give up or its worth a try to increase my supply...I feel bad for myself.But i'm having lot of work in office also.So i don't know whether I will be able to increase my supply and feed her.I went to visit doc and he said her weight has reduced from last month.

    I have always come to this place for advice...
    I'm not sure whether I can do it again...I'm really confused..Help me


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    Angai, I'm so sorry that your MIL was so horrible that you had to compromise your nursing relationship with your LO. I would think twice about visiting in the future without laying down some ground rules beforehand. I realize that may be difficult if their are certain cultural boundaries that would need to be jumped but you and your DH are the parents and get to make the decisions. Period.

    I am no expert with relactation but I believe that you CAN increase your supply! It may just take a lot of perseverence. Let your LO nurse as often as she wants. There are also relactation and increasing your milk boards. Go to the bottom of the screen on the right hand side and scroll through the forum jump. You might get more help in one of those.

    Good Luck and keep us posted!


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    Your breast knows the difference between your baby and the pump and doesn't respond as well to the pump...therefore you need to let your baby nurse whenever you possibly can...if she sleeps with you this will be alot easier, she can nurse all through the night. I also know there are many herbs you can take to increase milk supply that would be helpful. Also make sure you're drinking lots and lots of water. This will help. You are such a wonderful mother to persevere this long...don't give up it will be worth it!!! My mother gave up with me and put me on formula when I was a baby and while I don't blame her and I know she loves me so much, I have had more health problems then my breastfed siblings. Good for you for trying so hard, don't give up!!!

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    check this out, this may help!!! Keep us posted on how you're doing!

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