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Thread: Taking a "poll"

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    Default Taking a "poll"

    Ok, I am curious, how many of you still struggle with over supply issues after the 3-4 mo. mark? I know it's supposed to even out at that point, but I'm still dealing with it! I need some encouragement!

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    lets see, with DS I still got plugged ducts until he was I think 7-8 months and continued nursing on one side only until he weaned. Didn't stop leaking until I got PG with DD when DS was 11 months.
    DD is 4 1/2 months and we seem to finally have our FM/HM imbalance worked out, but we are still block feeding.
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    My son is five months and I still wake up so engorged that my breasts look like they are full of rocks. It is very painful and like you I keep waiting for it to even out. I'm afraid it never will for me and I am just trying to get through this year.

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    Evened out around the 4-5 month mark. Takes longer for some mamas. Hang in there!

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    Well, you know part of my story, but for the sake of others...

    I had oversupply with dd until about 6 months, and we were on 3 or 4 hour blocks (generally 2 feedings).

    After I had ds I had oversupply until about 9 months, even though I was tandem nursing ds and dd. We were on 10 or 12 hour blocks and I still had so much milk I would leak. I now, at 14 months, nurse pretty much exclusively on one breast for 8 hours and the other for 8, then the other, except when I nurse both, which lately is all the time. Its hard to describe where my supply is now, but I am comfortable. Today, for some reason, I was leaking again, and uncomfortably full.

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