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    I have a post already but I was really wanting some feedback on what to do. My lo is 10 months old and she started extending her feedings. She was going about every 4 hours and getting in 5 feedings a day. In the last couple days she has really began to eat less and today she only has nursed at 5a and 4p and hopefully she will tonight before bed. At noon when she didn't eat I pumped and only got 3oz. that was after 6 hrs! So now I am afraid she isn't even getting enough when she does nurse. My dh tried to give her some milk in a bottle and sippy cup at 230 and she still refused. She eat some lunch and dinner, but not any more than she was when she was nursing more. So far today she has only had 2 wet diapers and I figure by tomorrow she might have two more small ones. Should I just wait it out? Call my pedi? Anyone else have this experience? I am so frustrated, I have cried all day.


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    At this age my lo was nursing 3times a day and maybe had 1 or two bottles/cups. He was interest in life and exploring. Is she eating solids or drinking anything other than bm? First, don't stress! Relax. All kids go through different phases were they nurse less.

    Try offering bm to her more often than normal. Sometimes they are so preoccupied with exploring, they don't eat....
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