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Thread: repost: after 7mo, shouldn't I be done with pain?

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    Default repost: after 7mo, shouldn't I be done with pain?

    I'm starting to think that when it's time to wean, I'll be ready. I'm getting pretty sick of the pain and discomfort. My body just doesn't do what it's supposed to do and every morning I'm engorged with a huge lump sticking out of the left one. I'm thankful I'm not in as the agony I was in when he started sleeping 8hrs at night, but it still hurts. And so many months of it is tiring.

    I'm reading Weissbluth for help with nap and sleeping issues, and I agree with him about not waking a sleeping baby, but he really doesn't understand thing 1 about bf! I won't wake DS because I want him to sleep well and be happy, but after 10-11 hours, it stands to reason that I'm uncomfortable. In fact, he might sleep longer if I tried, but I just can't take it. I'd like to get some sleep myself now. After all, with pg and nursing, it's been well over a year since I've had plenty of sleep.

    DS is starting to relish his solid foods and is nursing less. It surprised me when I realized that we're down to about 4-5 nursings per day! So I think it's time to try and make me more comfortable. What can I do to reduce my supply at night? I know about cabbage and will start that tonight. Any other suggestions?

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    Default Re: repost: after 7mo, shouldn't I be done with pain?

    Forgive me if I am repeating here, but I assume after all this time that you have tried the standard things to reduce supply:

    Block feeding (for extended periods of time?)
    Pumping *just* to relieve discomfort, but no more
    Massage/heat those plugged areas

    Anecdotally, applying cabbage leaves to reduce oversupply does not seem to work. Yes, it is a remedy for engorgement, but your nighttime engorgement at this point seems to be due to oversupply. Most mom's supplies will down-grade when baby starts sleeping longer stretches. It takes a few days, but it happens. This doesn't seem to be happening for you, right?

    Does ds suck a lot for comfort?

    There are a few other ideas that I could give you if you are interested. Just PM me.

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