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Thread: wont take a bottle of EBM

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    Wink wont take a bottle of EBM

    My lo is 11wks and has always had a bottle of ebm once a week since the begining anyway we tried a bottle this week and he just chews on the nipple, cries and spits it out. Any ideas how i get him to take a bottle once in a while? As he feeds so often (about every 90mins - 2hrs) I would like to be able to leave him with a bottle if I need to go to the hair dressers or want to go for dinner with my hubby.
    any ideas or suggestions would be great!

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    Default Re: wont take a bottle of EBM

    were you in the room or anywhere in the house when you tried to give the bottle of ebm today? Lots of babies will not take milk from an artificial nipple if mom is nearby.
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