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Thread: Just HOW does it get easier?

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    Question Just HOW does it get easier?

    After another marathon nursing session (1 1/2 hours) after a day of constant mini feedings.... I'm not giving up, but I could use a 'pick-me-up', KWIM?

    I've seen it said several times that the first few weeks are difficult, but that "it will get easier". So when I'm having a tough day, I'd like to read this thread and see just how and when it will get easier for some reassurance and encouragement.

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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    With DD it was 8 weeks. With DS it was 6 weeks. For me, the nursing sessions went smoother and quicker (thank goodness) and it just seemed really easy and natural. I also think that my hormone levels were balancing out better and that made the emotional side of me much better, which always makes nursing better.
    to you on the rough days! I know that during some days you really just want to throw in the towel, but it really does become an easy and beautiful experience!
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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    I think it gets much easier after mastering nursing lying down.
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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*only.woman.in.the.house View Post
    I think it gets much easier after mastering nursing lying down.
    TOTALLY AGREE. For me, I didn't really get this down until ds was about 8 weeks or so. Also, once I started to get more rest...which was probably about 12 weeks. Plus, he was over his evening fussiness around that time too.

    Now he is 12 months and I never thought I would make it this long. We have no end in sight.
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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    It gets easier once you learn to trust your body and you and your child get into a groove and you both know what you are doing.
    For some Dyads that happens by week 6. For some dyads it takes 12.
    But what you are describing sound very much like the cluster feedings of a child going through a growth spurt.
    Those happen at 3,6 and 12 weeks no matter when you get comfortable and again and 4 and 6months.
    You just have to nurse through them. Learn to appreciate what you are doing. Women who are frustrated by nursing all day aren't really appreciating it for what it is IMO. They sometimes feel that by sitting in one spot for most of the day feeding a child they are somehow not being as effective as they should be. But if you shift your paradigm on that some, and realize that sustaining the child is in fact the most important job you will ever do, whether during pregnancy or while they are outside of your body and you continue to completely sustain them, then you can end the day brimming with pride and a sense of true accomplishment. Sometimes in the beginning you DO have to stay in one place for most of the day. But that's how your body keeps ups with a nursling that goes from 8-12 lbs in two months. You have to get those signals. So breath in, breath out. Put your feet up, grab some ice water. Keep a journal, Pour over the scrap book. Do the things that in a year I promise you, you will not have time for. Once your child is crawling, cruising and walking, you will be waiting for the moments in the day when you can sit down for 5 minutes and nurse. It will be the only time you get to sit down!

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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    I agree that it sounds like a growth spurt...

    Anyway, the good news is that baby gets more efficient at nursing, and therefore takes less time for each feeding, so the later growth spurts aren't as hard as that first one. Also, once they get stronger and can support themselves more, you don't feel like you have to be absolutely still in the exact same position every time you nurse (tell me that wasn't just my son being difficult when we had to do that! )
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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    For me it started getting a bit easier around week 12, but nursing lying down really helped. After a section, I didn't get much choice! If you can, I'd recommend having a "babymoon" and (if you can bear it!) staying in bed for a good 24hrs with baby. Get a helper to bring you drinks and snacks/meals (if you can't get a helper, make a little hamper in advance) and the both of you get some rest!
    It felt a lot better for me through the earlier weeks when I finally realised, and accepted the fact that I was a milk machine (in a nice way) and that I had to just do it. to you
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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    As your lo gets bigger so does their tummy, so it is able to hold more and they are able to go longer between feedings. They also discover the world outside of your arms and become fascinated in other things. I don't remember exactly when it got easier.
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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    First of all I want to give you lots of . You are doing a great job! I just wanted to tell you that in my experience it took my DS about 6 weeks to figure out how to nurse a little more efficiently. Those first weeks seemed like an eternity to me. I know what you went through because my DS nursed for about 1-1 1/2hr. during his nursing sessions. The worst part of the day for me was from 3am to 11am. He would just finish nursing and I would only have 30 min. off then he would want to nurse again. This almost killed me! I thought I would never make it through the first week. Now almost 7 months into BF I have to tell you that the beginning part of it just seems like such a small amount of time. All I can say is to stick with it and you'll be soooo glad you did. It sounds like you are a great mother and doing a great job!!!
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    Default Re: Just HOW does it get easier?

    It also gets easier when your baby starts being reactive. The smiles make a difference. That for me was when I started really feeling like a couple not just a milking machine.
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