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Thread: Problem latching on

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    Default Problem latching on

    I am trying to breastfeed my newborn son (1week old), and I am having a problem-- he won't open his mouth very wide, gets very frantic, and ultimately ends up just "slurping" up my nipple, which is causing a lot of pain. I breastfed my daughter for over a year with no problem, so I don't know what to do to fix this. Can anyone help?

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    you realy should call your local lll leader she can help in preson beter than we can on-line.
    are you giving any bottles?
    also maybe the baby is tounge tied.
    heres how to figure that out


    are you having trouble with engorement?
    you can try this for engorement
    Reverse Pressure Softening its in that 2nd link..

    how are the babies wet and poopy diapars?

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    My 3 week old was a wonderful latcher in the first week. Now he's doing the same thing your LO is. He gets so excited and makes sucking motions before I even try to latch him. I've tried tickling his chin, holding his bottom lip down for him and a few other tricks but nothing is helping. I'm happy he slurps himself into a good latch though.

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    Stick your finger in his mouth, and pop him off and relatch. When you Pop him off he should instinctively open wide. Shove as much of your breast as possible in his mouth. You should be able to get him to do this. Especially while all hos new born reflexes are in play. You got to be consistent in the beginning about a good latch. If you continue to have issuse, seek out a Local LLL meeting. They will help you in person. Congratulations on your new LO!

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    In addition to the above advice, I want to encourage you to spend lots of time skin-to-skin with your baby. Keep him in just a diaper and just nestle him against your bare chest while you relax together. It's fine if he just sleeps that way for 2 hours. The skin-to-skin contact is soothing for both of you and it also cues all the right hormones in you and reflexes in him, so it's a good antidote for many stressful nursing problems.

    I've heard from lactation consultants that often a baby who is refusing to latch will, after some skin-to-skin with momma, just find the breast and latch on his own. So try this out for a few days and see if he will open wider and be less frantic when nursing.

    Another "trick" is to try latching the baby before he is really wide awake and frantic. If you can catch his very early hunger cues, you have a better chance at that brief window of opportunity between completely asleep and completely awake -- and there's no better way to be attuned to those early cues than to keep him on your chest.


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    You've gotten some great advice! I just wanted to post a link to a site that has great videos of a baby latching on. It's not a LLL site, but Dr Jack Newman is a well-known breastfeeding expert! I suggest the assymetrical latch.


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