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Thread: Baby expecting to not get any?

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    Default Baby expecting to not get any?

    my baby has been crying sometimes when going to the breast, not really even trying. We've had supply problems, my DH now thinks baby cries cause they are expecting to not get any/enough milk, if that is true it's pretty upsetting. I've tried everything to up my supply, output is ok but could be better

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    Default Re: Baby expecting to not get any?

    Hi mama!

    How old is your LO? How long have you been nursing? Are you pumping? How do you know you have supply problems?
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    Default Re: Baby expecting to not get any?

    lots of babies just cry!
    And you never do figure out whats going on.
    As long as your getting the wets and poops they need.
    Counting dipars is the way to know if they are getting the milk they need!

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