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Thread: You know he's going to be 2...

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    Default You know he's going to be 2...

    Was the phrase that came out of my FIL's mouth last night when Gabe was aksing to nurse incessantly. My reply, Yes I know he's going ot be two, and...
    He then asked how much longer are you going to do this? Until he's ready to stop I replied. He doesn't do it often and the way I see it, he only nurses when he truly needs to. He then replied, well he's got a mouthful of teeth, he's going to bite you. I then reminded him he's has a moutful of teeth for well over a year now!

    Not really at the comments but more that they came from him. I am used to the comments from others but not my inlaws. They have always been silent supporters and now I feel like I am losing ground with them.

    Whatever, it's not going to change what I do, but I hate feeling like I have to be secretive about it or I will open the door to discussion I would rather not have.

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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    As if you don't know how old your child is. What a ridiculously passive aggresive way to approach the issue. Which he shouldn't be approaching in the first place because it's none of his business.

    Sorry you had to deal with it. Maybe next time you could say, "Oh! Is he!?! I'd forgotten when his birthday was..."
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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    how about when you quit being rude then I will wean.

    Realy the older they get the more people just assume that they are weaned and realy its just between you and your son and nobody else!

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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    I none of his business!
    Next time I think I would just come up with a date..."Umm..on his 4th birthday..does that work for you?!"

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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    "I, of ALL people will NEVER forget, down to the exact hour, how old he is. I was there and was the only active participant in the moment!"
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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    My MIL wasn't very supportive until I lent her the Sears Breastfeeding book - next time I saw her, she read parts of it out loud to me in wonder. She has been a source of info and support ever since. And yes, I do count myself very lucky she was open minded and willing to read it!

    I'm not into aggressive responses personally - there's a reason people say the stupid things they say: they are either lacking info or failing to understand something, and the thing with grandparents is they love their grandchildren and want the best for them and if they don't understand why you're still nursing, they may be concerned that it could cause long term social problems like inability to develop independence or eat properly or deal with problems without the boob (yes, DS's grandparents have had all these concerns about extended BFing). I have found that the best way to deal with their concerns is to explain calmly why I nurse until 2 (or 3 or 4) and provide info about the benefits and the fact that nursing does not cause long term social problems. The problem is, people don't always say exactly what their concerns are, and that makes it hard to address them and provide the right info. How easy is it to talk to them?

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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    I love pp level headed response. Books are great to just get them thinking of all the benefits if they are willing to consider them. No one should feel that they need to hide extended nursing.

    Many Mom's tell relatives that they will let the child decide. This often gets puzzled looks--my son told them (grandparents) this past weekend he will nurse until he's 12, but he will never stop his morning nurses...pretty funny!!

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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    I hate stupid people! Sorry mama!
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    Default Re: You know he's going to be 2...

    IKWYM - I've lost my my DH as a supporter he was cool until 2 since then he's grumbled about it. I tell him he's jealous because he never had "ba-ba" which is my way of telling him he doesn't understand. He's the only one that has the you know whats to say anything to me I'm assuming everyone else is

    We've talked about it, but we just don't see eye to eye. It's my choice of course, but to loose someone on your side is never fun.

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