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Thread: got my period - DD is 4 months

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    Default got my period - DD is 4 months

    I'm a little freaked out. My DD is 4 months (today!) and I started bleeding this morning. Weirder still is that I got what I thought was my period 2 weeks ago - heavy-ish bleeding for 4 days.

    She is exclusively breastfed, and I either feed her or pump 8 times a day. My supply didn't go down last time and seems to be fine now too.

    Any thoughts? I'm thinking about calling my OB because this just doesn't seem right. Before getting pregnant my cycles were like clockwork, never any problems.
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    Default Re: got my period - DD is 4 months

    It's not unusual for cycles to be irregular when they return, but you can always check with your OB if you are concerned. It certainly can't hurt anything just to make sure.
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    Default Re: got my period - DD is 4 months

    You could definitely call your OB, especially for peace of mind. I think it's just a variable thing--I had a very irregular cycle before having my son, but since my period returned (13.5 weeks postpartum ), it's been like clockwork.

    ETA: I also was exclusively breastfeeding and pumping. I thought I'd have a much longer break!

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