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Thread: Just started my period

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    Default Just started my period

    My DS is 9 months old and I just started my period. I wasn't expecting it....but thought something might be going on. When I've pumped this week, I haven't gotten half of the milk I normally get. How is having a monthly cycle going to affect my milk supply?

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    I have read and have experienced a drop in supply during my period!
    for 1 year ! We are fully weaned... . We kicked deadbeat dad to curb and rocking 2010 on our own! It is what it is!

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    I am one of those unlucky ones, who got their period almost right away, my LO was 4-5 days away from her 2 months and I got mine the first time . Now she's 3 months and 9 days and I already had it twice. Let me tell you...It does affect the supply DRAMATICALLY! But few days later it'll be back to normal, so don't worry
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