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Thread: Will my supply hold up ladies???

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    Question Will my supply hold up ladies???

    Hello... constant lurker here...first time poster

    I am going back to work and am happy to say that I only have to work 3 days a week wich areTues, Fri and Sat. At my job, there is almost no place to pump... no outlet in the bathroom and every other area is a public space. So since Tuesdays are very slow there, I can use an extension cord and pump once in the bathrooom, but Friday and Saturdays are very very busy and I will not have anywhere to pump. I will feed my lo (13 weeks old) at 7 am.... and not be able to nurse again until 7 pm. I know that since I pump Tuesdays and am home Wed and Thurs I will have a good shot at keeping my supply up to snuff... but my question for you expert ladies is... What about Fri and Sat.... without pumping will my supply be irrevocably affected?
    I've already started eating lots of oatmeal just in case....
    Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    What type of pump do you have? Many of them have a battery pack that you can buy so you could at least pump in the bathroom, or as some mamas here do it, in your car.

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    Default Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    I would try and find somwhere to pump. You are going to be incredibly uncomfortable if you do not pump for 12 hours. Try using batteries or pump in your car if you can.


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    Default Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    If you don't have a pump yet try the freestyle
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    How old is your LO? What will they drink while you are away if you don't pump? I say for sure get a battery back and pump in the bathroom.
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    Default Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    Not sure what type of place you work in, but is there by chance an office manager or other "office" type person who might let you borrow their office for 20 minutes a couple of times during your shift?

    I've heard of college students doing this... they ask an understanding professor with an office about using it. Many times the office person is so proud of them for pumping while going to school that they are more than willing to share.

    Hey, even if the person with the office is a male, might be ok to ask? Esp if he's a dad himself.

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    Default Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    I now I began by hand expressing... my be the only option you have. You can even express into a bottle or bag to save milk for baby....

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    Default Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    Aren't there laws put in place that say employers have to give you a chance to pump throughout the day? I'm not positive, but I thought I've read something along that line.
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    Could you hand express or use a manual pump on those days? Not ideal, but better than not pumping at all IMO. I have a PISA and it came with a battery pack. I'd suggest investing in rechargeable batteries if you do have a battery pack. Big upfront cost, but will save you tons in the long run by not having to keep buying regular batteries.
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    From what I understand, laws are state by state, so there may be no regulation. That said, in this day and time, many employers are very understanding. Try talking to your boss. If that isn't comfortable, find someone in a supervisory position who would be understanding... probably a Mommy herself and ask for suggestions.

    I'm sorry this doesn't answer your original question... I do have a place to pump at work, but work 10 - 11 hour shifts and can only pump at most twice per day. I'm a bit worried myself which is why I checked the thread.

    But, as far as suggestions go that I can help w/, I would consider a manual pump. You can do that anywhere, and a lot of them are relatively inexpensive. I actually used a manual pump exclusively w/ my 1st son, and it worked beautifully for me. This time around, my milk supply seems to be going down, so I may be looking into an electric. Everyone and every time is different I guess...

    Good luck!

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