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    Ok...this might sound a bit strange, but I am curious...

    My dd is nearly 6 months...I introduced solids at 5 months because she was sitting up and trying to crawl...she loves them!! My question is this...when she has solids, she doesn't spit up much if at all...but when she nurses, she spits up quite a bit...Is it something that I eat that upsets her tummy, or is it something else?? It is rather baffling...if anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it...Thanks!
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    The only thing I can think of is trying to take her off more to burp her during feedings. Do you have a powerful let down? My ds did that for a long time, and still does it when he eats too fast, swallows too much air when I have a powerful let down, and doesn't get burped if I'm in a hurry. When he was really little he would spit up horribly after eating and then let out these "man burps" that sounded like he was going to split it two. It was terrible. My sister told me to nurse until my let down happened, then let it fire away into a cloth then give it to him when it was dripping so that he wouldn't swallow so much air. Then when he slowed down nursing I would take him off, burp him, then let him back on. This slowed both the burps and the spit up. Hope this helps!

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    Our ped suggested starting solids early to help with the spitting up/reflux. He said it was a simple gravity issue. Solids are heavier and therefore stay down. We chose not to start solids and are still EBF but it makes sense. Babies spit up. It's part of what they do. Some babies do more than others but it's not necessarily a sign of a problem.

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