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Thread: Blood in Stool--Help!

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    I'm hoping someone else has had experience with this problem. My 7-week old (born at 36 wks gestational age) has been exclusively breast fed with the exception of 5-6 bottles while in NICU 20 hrs after birth. About 2 weeks ago he seemed to be having some discomfort and fussiness with pooping. His poop has become very green (dark) and mucus-ey and now there are tiny spots of blood in the stool, too. I have spoken with his pediatrician, and taken him to urgent care and neither doctor seemed overly concerned--they said to eliminate all dairy from my diet as it may be a milk-protein allergy. I have been very very careful and eliminated all dairy for the last week plus, but there has been no improvement--there are still bits of blood and mucus. I am feeling extremely frustrated and wonder if he's just allergic to my milk, even though I've read this is impossible. I have even contemplated switching him to formula. I really really don't want to do this. Has anyone had experience with this???? Please help!

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    it can take 3-4 weeks for all of the dairy to be cleared out of your system. give it some more time. have you checked out our allergy part of the forum? there is a TON of info there about what you are dealing with.
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    IME blood in stool is an indication of an allergey. It could be any of the big 8, diary, soy, eggs, wheat, shellfish, fish, peanuts, and tree nuts. If your LO is allergic to any of those, you eating them could cause the blood.

    You can go on an elimination diet and eliminate all of the above from your diet and see if you see improvement. You also have to look for hidden forms in prepackaged foods depending on how sensitive your LO is.

    There are some awesome resources on the allergy forum

    You could also ask for a referal to a pediatric allergist to have tests done to find out for sure if there are any allergies and what exactly they are.

    I, personally, would try the elimination diet before doing formula since most of them contain dairy and/or soy so it wouldn't do any good if those are the allergens KWIM?

    sorry not more help, crying baby

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    Thanks for the advice! I will check out the allergy forum. Elimination diet seems so daunting...it seems almost impossible to do correctly, I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the encouragement...I did know that it can take some time, I just thought there might be some improvement by now. I'm not giving up yet. Thanks!

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