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Thread: My baby is rejecting the nipple

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    Default My baby is rejecting the nipple

    Hey all....My problem is we just brought my son home from the Hospital so he is 3 days old. Last night he started to reject my nipple and just cry almost inconsolably. I would appreciate any advice given on this matter. Thanks.

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    Default Re: My baby is rejecting the nipple

    Hi! Congrats on the birth of your son

    Maybe your LO doesn't know how to latch yet?
    Do you have flat nipples? I was given shields while in the hospital, for some ladies they work. For mysef, I bought Lansinoh LatchAssist, its a great thing, first of all, it brings your nipples out, and second, it helps with the letdown, so if your DS is impatient it will help him as well:-)

    Anyway, keep trying, he'll take it, he's too little to know what he prefers yet. Maybe, if you don't have flat nipples and you don't need any of those I mentioned before, just express some milk (manually) before you put him to breast, so he'll taste it right away???

    Good luck to you!!!
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    Default Re: My baby is rejecting the nipple

    has your milk come in?
    Sometimes this helps

    Reverse Pressure Softening


    its in the blue box in the middle of the link

    You can do it!

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