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Thread: Avent Isis IQ Duo (also posted in Pumping)

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    Default Avent Isis IQ Duo (also posted in Pumping)

    Does anyone have this pump? If so, I'd love to hear opinions. I'm thinking of buying it - it's a great price on Amazon and supposedly it's comparable to a hospital-grade pump.
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    Default Re: Avent Isis IQ Duo (also posted in Pumping)

    I love mine! I use it in work and at home and for me it was better than the Medela Symphony I used in hospital when ds3 was a preemie. There are one or two small quibbles I would have; the tubing can become detached from the collecting horns quite easily and the cooler bags that come with it are not very practical IMO, the cooler that comes with a Medela or Ameda pump look a much better size. If you do go with this pump, I would buy some techni-ice packs on ebay ( don't know about the US but in the UK they are sold under the brand Chillerz) as they are good ice-packs and can be cut to size to fit in the bags. The avent gel-packs are next to useless!
    The other thing I should point out is that the pump is not BPA-free if that concerns you. Avent will be bringing out a BPA free version but AFAIK they have not yet done that. It doesn't worry me as I don't use the bottles for storage, I use playtex drop ins or lansinoh bags.
    All in all though it is very effective and I have now used it for 2 babies and it is still going strong!

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