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    I have an 8 month old daughter and she was EBF until 4 months and then all her night time feeds were BF due to my supply decreasing. I didn't realize building up supply like this was possible! So at 6 months I stopped breastfeeding completely. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was still able to get some milk just by trying to hand express just to see if it was still there. Anyways now with all this melamine studies I would rather not risk it. I started taking my prenatals again. I am going to buy fenugreek and blessed thistle today. I have starting nipple stimulation and will take my pump out of storage today.

    My daughter loves skin to skin but I tried offering her the breast instead of soother last night and she got so ANGRY! She kept arching her back away from me but if I gave her the soother she would lay her head back on my breast and start using her hands to explore my breasts. Then she fell asleep. I tried offering her the breast again as comfort this morning before her nap. She was willing to open her mouth but completely refused to let my nipple in her mouth.

    I am also scared because she has got 3 teeth now which she didn't have when I quit BF.

    Any tips on getting her to latch and anything else I could do to get my milk up. I live in Canada so I need a prescription for reglan etc but from what I can see it is rather expensive. I don't think I could afford it.

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    If you're in Canada, another option other than Reglan is Domperidone. It doesn't have the potential depression side effects of Reglan, but of course it has its own risks (I don't know how they compare in terms of price). I'm not a doctor, so this is not medical advice, but I think it is the more commonly prescribed one in Canada. Good luck with the relactation - kudos to you for giving it a try!

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    Wow ladies I don't know if this is way too soon or just pure luck but I just started nipple stimulation last night and did skin to skin with my daughter all night and did some more stimulation today and bought something called Mum Ma Milkstream and I have only taken one dose but i started pumping and got about 5 drops out of the right breast and 3 or 4 out of the left breast. I know it sure isn't enough to do anything with but it is a start! I can't believe it. I am feeling so positive right now.

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