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Thread: Baby won't burp!

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    Default Baby won't burp!

    My Baby is girl is 8 days old and after each feeding she just won't burp.

    I've tried rubbing her back, patting her back, different positions but nothing works.

    She has really smelly gas, too. Is this because she's not burping? Are newborns hard to burp?

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    Default Re: Baby won't burp!

    Another burping method that worked for me: carefully supporting the head and neck the whole time, let baby lay down in your lap (feet towards you), then pull very gently to a sitting position, lay back down, sit up again, and so on. This gentle sit-up motion may help get the gas out.

    Also, my Mum taught me how to lay the baby along my arm (head towards elbow) and walk back and forth, supporting with other arm. The pressure of your arm on baby's tummy while you walk (and the walking motion) can get the gas out too. DS loved this.

    Some babies tend to pass gas the other way... I'm told that, as a baby, I was impossible to burp, and the gas tended to come out the other end

    Another thought that occurs is maybe she just doesn't need to burp? Breastfed babies tend to need to burp less than formula fed babies, so you'll find the older generation (who mostly FF) are obsessed with burping. It took me months to convince my MIL she didn't need to spend hours trying to get my baby to burp after every feeding! Burping DS if he didn't need to just made him mad.


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    Default Re: Baby won't burp!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*purple.monkey View Post
    Another thought that occurs is maybe she just doesn't need to burp?
    This occurred to me, too. My kid rarely burped after eating, though she did spit up a heck of a lot! I eventually stopped trying to force the burps out of her because she never seemed to be uncomfortable.

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    ds2 passed a lot of gas (still do ) and rarely burped as a tiny baby. His reflux issues were aggravated by the constant patting on the back. I finally decided to relax about it. The gas was coming out, so really, unless he was having issues with getting the gas out, I just let him work it out himself

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    From Kellymom..
    "Breastfed babies overall don't take in as much air during a feeding as bottle-fed babies do, so usually don't need to burp as often."

    "If baby has a hard time burping, try burping more often during a feeding. The best burping position is one that applies firm pressure to the baby's tummy. Placing baby over the shoulder way up so that there is pressure on baby's abdomen often works well. Walking around while doing this might distract her long enough to get a good burp. You may even want to lie baby down on her stomach and burp her that way."

    and more info here..

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    Default Re: Baby won't burp!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommy-to-landin View Post
    Placing baby over the shoulder way up so that there is pressure on baby's abdomen often works well.
    This is the only way my LO will burp and it can still take 5 minutes or so. I was told by a nurse not to worry if she didn't burp b/c she is BF and they typically burp less, but she was always really gassy and uncomfortable until I learned how to get her to burp.
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    It's a weird skill, lol. You might not be doing it hard enough that's the only thing that I can think of. I was never good at burping either. If I thought he had to burp I would put him in the baby carrier and he would burp then, or go up the stairs and the jiggling would make him burp. Eventually I stopped burping him and he just did it when he needed to.

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    Sometimes Bf baby's just don't burp they don't suck in as much air as they would drinking a bottle sometimes.. I would just try what you can if it is not bothering your lo.. don't worry about it too much... I always was fond of the on your shoulder upright and I would pat the baby's back and bottom at the same time..
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    DS never burped, either. He's now 1yo, and when he has a super-quick "tank-up" he will have 1 small belch afterwards, but this is new the last month or so. It could be she just doesn't need / want to burp.
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