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Thread: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

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    Default Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    DS is 19mo, and typically nurses 3-5 times a day. But since we left on a trip Thursday morning (almost 3 days ago), he has refused to nurse. I tried on the plane, but he pulled off right away. Same thing at the hotel. He seems interested, and has even signed "nurse", but then he won't. I'm trying not to freak out, but this is not how I imagined our nursing relationship would end. He still almost always nurses to sleep (except the first night we were here - that was a first!) and also nurses back to sleep at least once at night. I really can't believe he's ready to wean, and I know I'm not!

    I pretty much only nurse him at home in his nursery, so I'm wondering of he's just not willing to nurse in an unfamiliar place. It's been a long time since he's nursed anywhere else, and he's become very particular about everything lately (he only likes certain clothes, for example). So I think maybe he just doesn't want to nurse here.

    Anyways, I'd love some advice or words of encouragement. I keep trying, but so far no luck. We're not going home for five days (Dec 4), so I'm kind of worried. I don't have any way to pump, so I'm worried my milk supply will dry up. I'm starting to feel engorged, but haven't had much luck hand-expressing anything.

    Worse case scenario - if he refuses to nurse for the entire 9 days we're gone, is there any way we'll be able to start up again once we get back home, if he's interested? Will my milk supply be gone by then? Is it possible to reestablish it? And how can I deal with any pain or engorgement in the meantime (so far I'm okay)?

    Thanks for any help. I won't have a lot of time to post, but I will check for updates!

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    Default Re: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    Sorry, forgot to ask one thing. DS has never really drank regular milk - should I try to offer it to him in the meantime? He's not a great eater, so I worry that he's getting much fewer calories now that he's not nursing at all, and also not drinking milk. I have no idea if he'll drink it, but also don't want to discourage nursing by offering milk...

    Thanks again - I appreciate any help!

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    Default Re: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    Are you using a different soap and shampoo from usual? Perhaps the different scent of whatever you're using while away from home is off-putting, or at least contributing to the situation.

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    Default Re: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    I'm sure you'll get back to your normal routine when you get home.
    hand express and put it in a cup if you feal like you have to.

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    Default Re: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    That sounds so frustrating!!!

    But also seems very typical of toddlers. If they're busy and distracted and not in their comfort zone for nursing some won't do it. Mine is exactly like that. I have BTDT a few times since he's been 12 months.

    Your supply will not dry up whatsoever in 9 days. I promise!!!!!!! And I bet when he's sleepy at night you might be able to sneak in a nursing session. Just hand express for comfort and enjoy your trip momma.

    Personally I would not give CM, but we don't do CM in my house. As long as he's drinking water and eating some solids then he's okay. My longest *nursing strike* was about a month, and my son went days with not nursing at all, and then only 1 time a day. Then when he was back into the swing of things my supply picked up just like that. I didn't bother at all to pump or hand express.

    Enjoy your trip, are you any place fun?

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    Default Re: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    Yeah, sounds like an extreme case of being really distracted rather than actually weaning. I would be a little concerned about your milk supply, if you want to go right back to nursing during the day when you get home, but I wouldn't get too hung about about it. If you can buy a cheap hand pump where you are, that might help (and then you could supplement his diet if you wanted to do that, but I wouldn't think it's necessary at that age for a few days). Otherwise, it might take a little time to build back up when you get home. Enjoy your trip!

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    Default Re: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    You could get your DH to help out once or twice a day, for your comfort & to keep supply up.
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    Default Re: Please help - refusing to nurse while travelling :(

    Thanks everyone for your comments! It's very reassuring to read that other moms have gone through something similar and continued nursing. I finally got him to nurse last night - once very briefly while he was falling asleep, and again this morning to get back to sleep. Yay! I'm going to try today after his nap, and then again this evening. Even if he's nursing once a day while we're here, I'll be satisfied, and we can get back into our regular schedule when we go home in a few days.

    I've never had much luck hand-expressing. In fact, I tried using my PIS a few months ago and couldn't pump anything out. I think he must be a pretty efficient nurser now! I was going to look into a hospital-grade pump if necessary, but hopefully he'll keep nursing while we're here now.

    Thanks again for all the reassuring comments - I was trying not to freak out, but I was getting really worried! So hopefully we can get back on track soon

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