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Thread: plugged duct in armpit?

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    Default plugged duct in armpit?

    I have a tender spot in my right armpit, almost right in the crease. I was thinking it was my lymphnode, but my friend asked if it could be a clogged milk duct. Do the milk ducts go back/up that far? If so any suggestions other than the usual on how to unclog it?
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    Default Re: plugged duct in armpit?

    The breast tissue definitely extends well into your armpit, so I suppose it's possible.

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    Default Re: plugged duct in armpit?

    I had a HUGE lump under my armpit when my milk came in Went to the doc and everything and, um, yup, there are definitely milk ducts up there

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    Default Re: plugged duct in armpit?

    For some reason, I got them under my arm as well. I had to make sure to massage that area each time I nursed. If it gets red, call your doctor!

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    Default Re: plugged duct in armpit?

    you might try to take a nice warm shower and massage, then hand express.
    Sometimes your bra will cause a clog like that
    or a baby carrier that presses in the wrong place.
    IF you start to notice your fealing run down and having a fever.
    Get in bed and rest!

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