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    Default Ready to give up

    I'm about 99% sure that OS and OALD is the problem we're dealing with right now and I'm getting so frustrated by it. My DD is 5 weeks old and is getting progressively fussier as the time goes by, this last week has been the worst.

    She's extremely gassy ALL THE TIME and screams in pain after almost every feeding. She has yellow poop in every single diaper I change, although sometimes its only a little (but almost always more than a quarter size). She chokes and gulps while she's nursing and when she pulls away, milk squirts everywhere. She spits up a lot, though this seems to have improved a little in the last week or so. She's also been gaining weight pretty quickly. She was 7lbs 2oz at birth and is now just under 11 lbs. I'm also fairly sure that she has a mild case of reflux.

    I visited with an LC on Tuesday and after weighing her, saw that she took in about 3oz in less than 5 minutes ... and this is with sporadic nursing b/c I'd get her latched, then the LC would move her around and try different techniques with her. The visit was actually b/c of sore nipples, so I didn't really address the OS with her.

    A few days ago, I started block feeding for 4 hour increments, but I think this may be making the problem worse. I get extremely engorged on the side I'm not using and although I hand express enough to be comfortable, by the time she gets to that side, the OALD is really terrible and I'm pretty sure she's getting a ton of foremilk and very little hindmilk. I'm also concerned about plugged ducts and mastisis b/c with each side getting so engoreged while I'm using hte other side, I feel like my breasts aren't ever being completely emptied.

    Today was the worst day of all... we were visiting relatives that hadn't seen her yet and she was very fussy and uncomfortable all day. I'm so tired of people asking me what's wrong with her and why she's fussy. They even commented that mommy must have gassy milk, which makes me feel horrible b/c its my body that is doing this to her My family is already not very supportive of breastfeeding, so this just made things worse and I feel like they think I'm wrong for continuing to feed her in a way that makes her so uncomfortable.

    It completely breaks my heart to even think of switching to formula (which I realize would bring on a whole new set of problems). I wasn't able to BF my oldest, so I'm really enjoying the whole experience with DD, but I hate that she's so miserable and really want to make things better. I was wondering if it could be my diet as well, but wanted to see if block feeding would take care of the problem first.

    Does anyone have any advice for me or even just some support? I've spent hours researching all of these issues and found much of the same information over and over again.

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    hang in there... your baby is very young!

    most moms find thier milk supply evens out and settles down by the time baby is 10-12 weeks old
    You can do this!

    Have you talked to your local leader? She will be able to help beter then we can on line!
    And give you some real life mom to mom support.

    couple of questions
    How has her weight gain been?
    Her poops sound about right! They poop alot! alot more then formula babies do.


    In addition, most young babies will have at least two to five bowel movements every 24 hours for the first several months, although some babies will switch to less frequent but large bowel movements at about 6 weeks.

    dr sears has some great info on his web site on high needs babies.

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    Hang in there. My baby is 4 weeks old and I am in the same boat. It is so hard to know why they are crying! My first child was the same way and she had dairy and soy allergies so I thought that was it with this one too, but I have been off of those for 3 weeks with no improvement. Now I'm doing block feeding(just started) as my right breast is OA. If you do switch to formula and it was a dairy/soy allergy formula will actually be worse. We couldn't give my first baby ANY formula, even the hypoallergenic ones were horrible on her little system. Only time helped her and she did start to improve around 3 months(which I know seems like FOREVER when your baby is crying) but remember 1) 3 months is a VERY short time in the grand scheme of things and trust me now that I have a 2 1/2 year old that is wonderful I barely even remember those first horrible months and I obviously was willing to do it all over again. 2) They won't remember all the crying!

    Hang in there girl. You can do it! Try not to blame yourself or your milk, which I did with my first as well. It is more likely their little digestive system is just immature and has a hard time processing things. They will outgrow this. I promise!

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    Hugs to you Given that you're doing all you can to alleviate your baby's fussiness and that you are upset that things aren't going smoothly (yet), it's got to be distressing when family members say things that imply you are doing something wrong.

    I'm glad you came here to ask for support. I agree that five weeks is still fairly young to have things working smoothly. Block feedings works for many mothers with OALD/OS. Sometimes they find they need to go to a much longer block than three or four hours. If your other breast becomes uncomfortably engorged when it's "off duty" and you express enough to make it feel better, but find that your baby is overwhelmed when you get back to that side, have you considered expressing that breast right before she nurses, in order to get past the forceful let-down? Just a thought.

    Mostly I just want to encourage you to keep trying. You're doing a good thing for your baby and I believe that you will find what works best for the two of you if you keep trying different approaches. Talking to a local Leader is a terrific idea! If you can attend a local meeting, I think you'd find it very helpful, too.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.
    LLL Leader

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    Hang in there! The block feeding takes awhile to regulate your supply (mine took about 10 days in the beginning). Perhaps when you're doing your block, you can massage the other breast just to help it leak off some of the pressure. I found that to be helpful during the transition to block feedings (which I still do and my DD is almost 14 months old). Your body needs to feel that full feeling to help slow down the production so you don't want to completely empty it when relieving yourself. Like LLLMarianne said - taking some of the pressure off before letting her latch will help. I found lying down or having her above the flow a little bit helpful too.

    Good luck and let us know how you're doing.

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    Don't have time to write a lot now, but I agree that just a few days of block feeding is NOT enough time to see if it's working or not. I would talk to the LC more about this. How long does she want you to continue with the current time frames, when would she suggest a different block strategy (like going more time with one breast, etc). Don't give up! Five weeks is soooooo young and you are giving her the best there is. Don't let others who aren't supportive of BF get you down. They have no clue.

    I would also highly suggest calling a local Leader and going to a meeting. Also, Have you checked out www.kellymom.com? I'm sure you have, since you said you've done a lot of research. It's an excellent website and there is a lot on there about OS/OALD that is easy to find. Keep up the good work!

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    hun I have the same probleand not just bubs ends up in tears so do I I havent tried block feeding so Im going to give that a try but keep with it your doing really well my little ones 11 weeks and has been doing this for about 4 weeks now she also had colic which has disappeared tg so now just the feeding problem to deal with the constant choking gulping and not crying screaming is so hard to deal with but keep going it will sort itself out in the end take care sweetie keep us updated

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    The only thing I can say to you: IT WILL GET BETTER

    My baby was extremely fussy by that age, he's 3 months old now, and it's like I have another baby .

    Try to help him sleep a little more, avoid long periods of activity. My baby also has a mild case of reflux.

    Sorry I cannot be of more help with the breastfeeding issue. My baby also chokes and gulps everytime he eats, but only for the first few minutes, and then he continues without problems.

    Hang in there!! It will get better, I promise!

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    I have definitely been where you are. My son was miserable ("Fussy" really doesn't begin to describe the screaming/writhing/hurt state he was in almost all of his waking hours) for the first three months. He too has reflux, and started taking meds for them which helped him somewhat, but the oversupply kept him in a continual state of discomfort.

    The usual remedies--blockfeeding, a week of sudafed and sage tea-- didn't work for us, but time did. He's now 3 and a half months, and although we still block-feed, he's so much happier and most of our feedings are fuss-free. It is SO hard, but it will get better.

    Hang in there.

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    Default Re: Ready to give up

    Hang in there, OP! I know it is not easy, but you will get through this. Oversupply does get better. Remember, if your baby has reflux, formula feeding will probably make things worse, not better. There is treatment available for reflux, ask your doctor.

    The key things I would suggest and which worked for me:

    1) When you feel your milk letting down, take baby (or allow baby) to go off breast. Let you milk spray into a towel. Wait until your milk stops spraying completely, then put baby back on the breast.
    2) Baby's head must be higher than your nipple. If you have a recliner, use it. Use the cross-cradle position and once baby's latched, recline. The side-lying position worked for me too.
    3) Block feeding. This is very effective, but you have to be disciplined about it. I found it best to be really strict with the intervals. Writing it down worked far better than estimating. If I found one breast was getting too full, however, I would switch breasts early, but I tried not to do this too often. You can express to comfort if you must, but remember its just going to signal your body to make more milk. You can go to 6 hour intervals or even 12 hour intervals. I found block feeding if I was strict about it, gave me results in a few days. BTW, the Breastfeeding Answer Book says that "Expressing milk to comfort will allow her supply to adjust downward without risk of mastitis"
    4) Nurse when baby first shows signs of hunger, or upon baby's awakening. A sleepy baby will suck less vigorously stimulating a slower flow and will gulp less air.
    5) Burp baby frequently.

    Other things you can do:

    Drink 3 cups of sage tea/day. Sage has been found to decrease milk supply.
    Its possible to ask your doctor to put you on a 4-7 day course of low-dose oral contraceptive pills with estrogen and progesterone. This is from page 127 of the Breastfeeding Answer Book.
    If you're seriously thinking of quitting, you can use a nipple shield under a LC supervision. This will often help baby deal with the fast flow.

    Remember, if you can get through the next several weeks, oversupply issues usually get much better due to hormone changes around the 3 month mark. Let us know how things are going, we are here for you.

    The best info the web is from kellymom:


    This is also a good page:

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