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Thread: Nursing Amnesia???

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    Default Nursing Amnesia???

    I am breastfeeding my ten day old daughter. At the beginning, she latched on perfectly and had little to no problems latching on every time. As of yesterday, it seems she has amnesia and has forgotten how to latch. I literally sit for an hour each feeding jut trying to get her latched on. It's become very frustrating for the both of us and she is constantly struggling to get on...once she's on, she is fine, but doesn't stay on as long as she used to. HELP.

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    and congratulations on your new baby Do you have a local LLL leader you could get in touch with? I'm sure you will get some good advice here.

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    Congrats clojo3 on your new little person! How frustrating for you both Apart from contacting a LC I can't think of anything to help but I did find this post from another mb by a mom going through the same thing - maybe it might help?

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    Thank you so much for the kind words and the link. I will try to call the LC. Thanks so much!

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    Great advice from pps. Get in contact with you local LLL leader asap.

    Hang in there mamma. The first few weeks are the hardest. Once you get past the hard part you'll look back and know that it's so worth it.

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    How worrisome it must be for you to not know why your baby won't latch on.

    I agree that in person help is the way to go . . . and soon. Is she taking a bottle? I hope that she's getting some nourishment. A day is a VERY long time to go without any food or drink, especially to such a little person.

    I've heard of young babies who develop congestion related to a cold and have a difficult time working out the whole breathing while nursing thing and, as a result, stop latching on. Clearing out the nose with some saline solution and an aspirator before each feeding can make nursing a lot easier for a sick baby. I hope that it's something simple like this in your case.

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