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Thread: Baby keeps biting nipple

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    Default Baby keeps biting nipple

    My 8 1/2 month old has recently started clamping down on my nipple - usually when she's slowing down during feeding and never in the middle of the night when I'm feeding her. She has two very sharp lower front teeth! Any advice please?
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    Default Re: Baby keeps biting nipple

    I've read that other mamas here have pulled baby into the breast (sort of so they can't breathe for a second) to have them let go and they apparently learn pretty quickly not to. I think some moms also try to anticipate the bite and unlatch baby before it happens.


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    Default Re: Baby keeps biting nipple

    Ouch! How painful for you! It's pretty common for babies around this age to "experiment" with biting. Most soon learn that biting means no nursing (a baby can't get milk and bite at the same time) and stop this behavior.

    I had a lot of success learning to anticipate when my son was going to bite me and getting my finger in there to stop him. There are some other methods described here (make sure you follow the link "solutions to biting and latching difficulties" at the bottom of the page):

    Hang in there! She learn not to bite soon.

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