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Thread: not eating at daycare

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    I have 3 month old and he eats 5-7 oz in 10 hours at daycare, but will take 5-7 oz in one feeding from dad. This has been going on for 4 weeks. Now he feeds all night. Any suggestions?

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    3 months is a prime time for a growth spurt.
    I think this is a problem that lots of moms have.

    there are some ideas on this link to help baby stop reverse cycling

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    I wish I had an answer for you - I know how hard it is to work and be up all night nursing b/c your lo won't take enough while away from you. (Mine takes 6oz at the most in 10 hrs) The pp is right - read what you can about reverse cycling. Just knowing that others (MANY others) were in the same boat has made reverse cycling more manageable for me. And not that it helps at 3Am when you're exhausted, but remember your lo is reverse cycling b/c he or she is choosing you over the bottle - what's better than that! Good luck!

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