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    I nurse my 22 mo dd. In the last two weeks my boobs have all but shrivelled up--they have disappeared and gone really flat and saggy-they never seem to fill with milk anymore. She has also lost interest in a lot of nursing--from 5 times a day down to two--the other day she pulled off the boob because she heard my dh pouring juice and she ran over to get some (sniff sniff). She has also started biting me while we nurse occasionally--like when she drifts off to sleep, which she NEVER did before. Also the latch on has become very toothy and painful...also after a few minutes of nursing I notice it hurts and then when she pulls off I can see the painful teethmarks. It's like she has forgotten how to nurse and this has coincided with my boobs disappearing. I don't want to wean her for her own health reasons (I have a 4 yo ds just starting school and he is bringing home a bug a week which she never gets and I'm sure it's because of the nursing). Anyway, sorry for the long post but all of this has happened over the course of 10 days. All new. Any insight? Thanks.

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    It sounds to me like your LO may be losing interest in nursing. To me, it sounds like she's playing around at the breast and nursing a lot less, and decreased milk removal can rapidly result in decreased milk supply, which would account for the "shriveled-up" breasts. I'm sure your LO is still getting the amount of milk that she wants, but that amount may be smaller than the amount you want her to have! If you want to make sure she's getting more mama milk, you could try pumping and offering her your milk in a cup. You might also want to cut back, cut out, or water down the juice, which some kids rapidly come to prefer over water or breastmilk.

    Congratulations on nursing to 22 months! That's awesome!!!

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