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Thread: What signs do you look for?

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    Default What signs do you look for?

    What are the signs you should look for if your baby can't handle you drinking milk?

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    My dd started with rash, then stuffy nose, lots of really heavy spitting up, restless sleep and finally blood in her poo. I've cut dairy and seen improvement. There's a lot of good information in the allergy section about dairy allergies too. You might want to check there for more info.

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    Dd was sensitive to the proteins in dairy and to caffeine. We found out becuase if I ate dairy she was super gassy and terribly fussy (she fussed most of the time but was worse when I ate dairy). When I drank caffeine, she was wide awake and fussy, and sort of jittery. Hard really to explain.

    Mostly, they can handle drinking your milk, you just need to alter what you are eating--and for me, some combinations didnt' work. Like, I could eat green peppers, and I could eat onions, but not together. Now, at 8 months, I can eat whatever I want and she is fine.

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    I'm just not sure. Several weeks ago I had milk and he didn't sleep good the next day unless I was holding him. I waited about three weeks and tried it again. Yesterday he was a little more fussy than normal and had gas a good. He had some spit up which is normal, but I haven't paid much attention to his previous spit ups so I don't know if it looked any different. And he didn't want to seem to eat as much as he normally does. He fell asleep a few times he was eating and then kept pulling off my breast a few other times. Just not sure. I thought I'd wait a few more weeks and try it again unless you gals think these are sure fire signs that I should stay away from the milk.

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