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Thread: More Milk Plus

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    Question More Milk Plus

    Has anyone tried this? I tried it for about four days and it worked wonderfully--until it became apparent that my ds DID NOT like it at all. It seemed to give him horrible, painful gas. I was wondering if anyone else's lo had the same reaction? I would love to go back to taking it (especially during ovulation & menstration), but I don't want my angel baby to suffer. Also, does anyone know of an alternative? Before taking this, I was taking Fennugreek and drinking Mother's Milk tea, and they seemed to help, but not like the More Milk Plus. TIA!

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    personally, i haven't heard of more milk plus...but if it's giving your ds painful gas, i'd would stop using it. i'm currently using fenugreek and it's working great for me. i take 9 capsules total a day...
    - 3 capsules in the morning with breakfast (i eat oatmeal and this also seems to help increase my milk supply...http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/oatmeal.html)
    - 3 capsules with lunch
    mother's milk tea in the afternoon
    - 3 capsules with dinner

    this link also has information about herbal remedies to increase your milk supply...


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    I have been taking More Milk Plus for almost three days now and I have not seen much increase in my supply (too soon to tell?) but it has given me terrible diarhea. So far I haven't noticed adverse affects on my DD. Should I stop taking it or give it a full two weeks? I don't think I can handle diarhea for 2 weeks but I'm almost willing to do anything to up my supply.

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    Sorry no advice here..but if yall stop taking yours, would love to have whats left, i cant afford to buy any lol Im serious

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