Main Issue:
Only part of my milk ducts seem to be producing milk. The effects both breasts. The left breast that the baby has nursed on since birth does not produce on the outside of the breast. The right breast that baby refused for 2 weeks produces well from 1 "hole" in nipple and will get a single drop from 2 other wholes (this breast was a super producer for my son 5 years ago). The right breast nipple is slanted, I am not sure why. I believe it became slanted while breastfeeding my son. The long/stretched side of the nipple contains the producing duct.

Important note: I EBF my first child for 6 months before introducing food and continued to nurse as primary nutrition until 1 year, he weaned between 2.5 and 3 years old.

Main question: Why would only part of my ducts be producing? Is there a way to get the other ducts to produce? Has anyone dealt with this successfully?

I have tried:
Fenugreek, domperidone (4pills x 4 times day for 6 weeks), blessed thistle, baby honeymoons, lots of skin to skin, fennel-anise-raspberry teas, oatmeal daily... I rent a medela symphony and pump 8x a day as well as nursing.

I have been tested for:
Thyroid, prolactin, retained placenta, anemia, vitamin deficiency

Yes we have to supplement for her to gain weight. We used SNS from weeks 5-10, Lact-Aid for weeks 11-12. Supplemented on donated BM at breast w/ no bottles or pacifiers, etc.

My daughter is 12 weeks old this week and we have struggled with BF the whole time. She is my second child. My milk came in within 3 days of her birth. About 56 hours after she was born I was heavily engorged, significantly worse than with my first baby. I could not get so much as a drop out of my engorged breasts.... A few days passed, I thought all was well except she was only accepting one breast. I was pumping (medela PIS advanced) the other to keep it stimulated, nothing would come out when pumping.

Weeks 1-5 were awful with minimal weight gain. Constant pumping with a medela symphony (rented at 2 weeks), and horrible efforts to wake a very sleepy baby every two hours. Running her lower body under cold water would wake her only long enough for her to scream. As soon as the cold water stopped she was back asleep. Fast forward to week 5... she finally woke up! yeah! like really woke up.

It was been a constant struggle to maintain a positive attitude. I feel like such a failure as a mother - as a woman - why can't I feed my baby? On the other hand, God has provided the supplement we needed from my sister whose baby (at a year) refuses to eat which means she still has a strong supply. I bounce between frustration and gratitude about 20 million times a day.

People relactate, can't I get these ducts working? Help Please!