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Thread: Working from home and newer baby

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    Default Working from home and newer baby


    I have my own business and work from home and I am wondering how I'm going to handle breastfeeding and working.

    My little one is 5 weeks old and takes forever to breastfeed, which I know at this age is not uncommon. I still have to supplement him with an sns and that takes away some of the extra time, but then I really probably need to pump afterwards. Sometimes he's fussy and won't lay down by himself so during the day pumping is hit or miss. If I do get to everything it takes about 2 hours. I usually let him nurse for an hour and he's been getting about 2 oz from me (we have a scale that we rented to make sure he is gaining like he should and to try to see if I can cut down on supplementing) and then he gets the supplement 4-5 times a day. If I'm lucky I have an hour or so between feedings. There is NO way I can keep this up and still get things done and I need to work at least some.

    I love nursing him and the intimacy that it brings, but what are my options as far as going back to work? If I only get one pumping session in during the day and I give him a bottle so that I have more time, will that work or is he still too young and my milk supply will just go down?

    I'm frustrated with this, I wish I didn't have to chose and could just keep on working on breastfeeding, but I can't. I don't want to give up altogether, but I'm afraid my milk supply will go down and then breastfeeding will be even more frustrating.

    Any experienced working mamas have any suggestions for me?

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    Default Re: Working from home and newer baby

    i dont work from home,
    but maybe you could buy a sling or a carrier and nurse while you work..
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    I don't work from home but have to bring stuff home to do at night...Stinks!!

    Here is what I do. First I have my pump set up by the computer and I work at the computer while I pump. And...a sling works wonders. I use mine all the time. I love it because she is close to me and happy and I still have hands to do things. As far as the lenth of time to bf...well, if you can hang in there for a month or so, the time will decrese for your LO to eat. I sometimes sit in a bigger chair and use my boppy whlie feeding (I sit indian style - it works best in my case)...this allows me to have one hand if not two to work on something else.

    I think that you will be able to do both...just takes practice.
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