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Thread: Help 5 wk old with green poop and fussiness

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    Default Help 5 wk old with green poop and fussiness

    Hi all! Thank you ahead of time for your help and suggestions. I have a 5 week old sweet baby boy that has been fussy quite often since day 3. At 3 days old he became extremely fussy in the evening to the point of inconsolable (at the same time my milk came in), and he would scream with the only thing to calm him down would be nursing. I was told by the pediatrician that it sounded like colic. As time went on afternoons became very fussy and then soon enough he was having morning episodes. All this time his naps were usually no longer than 20-40 minutes and that would be lucky because a lot of the time if I put him down would wake up wanting to nurse again. I could nurse him for 25 minutes, he would dose off, I'd reposition him to my shoulder to burp and within 30 seconds he would crying to eat again. At times he would be awake, pull off content, then 30 seconds later he's crying to eat again. At times when he is content, mostly mornings, he still wants to eat like every 1 1/2 hours. I thought he may be having reflux because of the way that he acts at times, so he was started on zantac and this seems to have improved mornings sometimes, and not at other times. Now, he has had green watery poop for the last 12 days. I've done all sorts of research and have been block feeding for the last 9 days now, as well as taken ALL milk protein out of my diet for the last 9 days (boy that's difficult, I can't believe ramen noodles even has dairy in it). The pediatrician had me supplement with pedialyte for 6 hours last Wednesday, to rest his bowls, because she thought that it may be a virus. All this to no avail. I have yet to see a yellow poop for almost 2 weeks and he still has these incosolable episodes. He is gaining weight, and was 10 lb. 10 oz. this past Wednesday, and 9 pounds at birth. We have lots of wet diapers. He's also tongue tied, but like I said he's gaining weight. Please I feel like I'm going nuts trying to find out what is causing my boy to be so miserable. Thank you for your help.

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    Default Re: Help 5 wk old with green poop and fussiness

    It sounds like you have a few issues going for you... he may have colic/ and or reflux . Green poops are usually( not always though) overactive letdown/over supply. How is your supply? How big a block are you doing for block feedings? Does he choke and gag on the milk when letdown occurs?
    As far as the colic/fussiness goes.. to some extent that can be normal for an infant your lo's age. My lo didn't have colic but she had a period of a month or so where she was crying for a few hours on and off every evening.
    Maybe they need to try a different med for the reflux?

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    Default Re: Help 5 wk old with green poop and fussiness

    Hi! What you and your baby are going through sounds so frustrating!

    From what you describe, oversupply/overactive letdown seems like a likely culprit, but so does some sort of allergy. I think I remember reading that it can take a couple weeks for all traces of cow's milk proteins to leave your system, so give the elimination diet time!

    When you're shopping and looking for foods without dairy in them, you might be able to save yourself some time by looking for a small U inside an O, next to the word "parve." "Parve" means that the product contains no meat and no dairy, and the U inside the O means that the product is certified dairy/meat-free by the Orthodox Union of Rabbis. It's a really strict certification.

    Your baby's weight gain demonstrates that you are doing a great job, and I know it can't be easy to keep at it. It will get more rewarding, I promise!!! Hang in there.
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    Default Re: Help 5 wk old with green poop and fussiness

    Thank you for your replies. After 5 weeks of my son being miserable I think that I have identified the culprit, and am posting it on here for others to read just in case someone else has this issue. My sons fussiness and unhappiness started on day 3, the same day as my milk came in and his appetite picked up. As I had previously said he is tongue tie. After more research, (and no help from his pediatrician) I learned that even though he is latching and getting milk his jaw is becoming tired so he stops actively sucking, only to be hungry again minutes later. Since he tires, he does not get to empty my breast so he is getting mostly foremilk with little hindmilk. This in turn is causing the green stools, as well as the fussiness and gassiness besides the fact that he's still hungry. He is well hydrated and is getting calories to gain weight from the the foremilk, but is not satisfied due to the lack of fat. I guess it's kind of like going on a diet (and we know how crabby we get when we have to do that.) Matthew is scheduled to have his tongue clipped next Tuesday, so until then I'll just compress my breast at each feed and hopefully that will help him get more. Also, there was a study done on tongue tie breastfeeders and there is a journal article by the AAP on the difference in the amount of milk a baby can obtain before a frenotomy (clipping tongue tie) and after. I figure I'll print this and give it to my pediatrician. Thanks again for your replies.

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