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Thread: where to start?

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    Question where to start?

    Okay so I started my 6 month old son on solids 2 weeks ago, bananas and sweet potatoes. He did fine. I gave him pears this past wednesday, thursday and then again on saturday. Saturday evening he barely slept getting up every 2 hours, I nursed him as much as possible but nothing seemed to work. DH even gave him a bottle of ebm at 5 am b/c i was so tired. At 8 am I nursed him again, he started to spit up afterward and it was brownish. He spit up again it ws brown still with a little bit of blood in it. We took him to the ER...they checked his stool for blood but none, no fever, otherwise happy. They checked me for mastitis, but I dont have it. He did bite me the other day and I had a little cut, so they said he probably just swallowed some blood and was spitting it up. Came home everthing fine just using some lanisoh cream. Now his last 3 bm's have been dark green almost black and pretty thick ??? any ideas...he is otherwise happy. could this be a food allergy @ 6 months??

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    I don't know what the problem might be, though I probably would not give him pears again for a while. It seems like he would have reacted the first time you gave it to him if he had a problem with the pears, but still I would not risk it. If I were you I'd probably hold off on giving him anything other than breastmilk for a week or two until his tummy and poops get back to normal.

    HTH. Hopefully one of the mamas who are more experienced with allergy issues will chime in on this one.
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